I am a one man operation looking to make technology friendlier and easier for people to use. I’m looking to be your guy, the one you call when something’s gone wrong, or when you’re looking for the fix to the problem you’ve been having.


You’ll never pay me to do Facebook, play fantasy football, read the news, etc.

If it takes extra long to do something or I feel like a spinning wheel, I’ll credit it.

You never pay me for all the research I do to stay current.

You’ll never find me to be impatient, rude, play favorites, or resent ownership or fellow employees.

You won’t take a chance on my personality, you know me.

All these are great reasons to choose a tech for your home or small business, and they’re all true.

My name is Mike Anderson, and I believe enough in what I’m doing to put my name on my website, and let you know I’m the one that will be helping you fix your computer problems, build your website, or teach you to use your new software or device.