Donate to non-profits while shopping

I was browsing my local library’s website for their hours, when I noticed at the bottom, a link that said “Support Your Library”. This sent me to a page that had, among others, a link to Amazon, that when clicked, takes you to Amazons home page, but with a small difference. Today, donating to your favorite non-profit organization could not be easier.

Did you know that Amazon donates a portion of their proceeds to specific entities when you shop through a specific link? For instance, Gwinnett County Public Library has a Donate link that allows you to shop through Amazon, and when you check out, a small commission on the items you buy is donated to the Gwinnett County Public Library system.

This isn’t just for libraries. There are many non-profits that can use the affiliate money that Amazon can donate to them just by shopping. Click here for a list of non-profits that you can help. Amazon screens each non-profit and verifies they are a legal operation before allowing them to partake of the¬†commissions.

Affiliates for

Gwinnett County Public Library Support Page