Computer & Phone Repair

If your computer is giving you blue screen error codes, or isn’t able to power on, I can fix it. I have the experience and the tools required to diagnose your computer. From replacing hard drives and memory, to upgrading a power supply, and even fixing laptops, Manderso Consulting can get your computer back on track. Some of the services I provide are:

  • Computer Setup
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Hardware installs
  • Hardware upgrades
Phones are getting bigger, better, faster and more expensive. One thing is for sure, they aren’t getting any more durable.  If your device has been dropped, crushed, drenched or in any way damaged, give me a call.  I can give your phone a new lease on life and save you some money in the process. While I can’t fix everything I can fix the most commonly broken parts on your phone.

What I can repair:

  • Broken Screen
  • Battery Replacement
  • Home Button
  • Camera Replacement
  • Replace Back Cover

Please contact me for pricing information and to make an appointment. Call me at (404) 602 – 0373 or email me at