Conficker Eye Chart – Good computer security idea

Conficker is the name of a virus, specifically a worm, that can get installed on your Windows computer. This worm can disable security and networking processes on your computer, leading to installation of more viruses and another person having control over your computer.

A new site has come up, The Conficker Eye Chart, which lets consumers and computer technicians know if a computer is infected with the Conficker worm. It was put together by the Conficker working group, and is essentially a web page linking to various security websites, websites you wouldn’t be able to access if you had the Conficker worm on your computer. Conficker stops access to these websites so the infected user won’t be able to download software to fix the problems it creates.

The page describes what would happen if you did have the Conficker worm installed on your computer, or if you didn’t have it installed and just wanted to check. I think this is a great idea and would be applicable for many other viruses and malicious software detection in the future.