(Hopefully)What to do if you get hacked

My personal Facebook profile got hacked tonight, and while that was weird, the after-affects are very frustrating.  The Facebook account is suspended, pending an investigation (very dramatic!).  I”m also changing a bunch of passwords on other accounts. A friend of mine suggested using PassPack.com, which bills itself as an online password manager, tags and a password generator, plus additional features.  I”ve been using1Password for the last few years, and until now, had been using it to store the passwords that I generated.  Though now of course, I’m using it to create the passwords. By the way, I noticed that the account was hacked by logging into it and having a few chat windows pop up.  They were talking about the old scam of “I’m trapped in London without cash, I was just mugged and need you to send cash. I’m waiting to hear what Facebook has to say, but I’m open to suggestions as to how this happened.