The many uses of Dropbox

This online tool has so many uses, it’s crazy. I use it more than a USB thumbdrive! I personally use it to synchronize my passwords (w/ 1Password) between my laptop, home server and iPhone. I also use it to have a copy of clients data accessible to me via the iphone (password protected, of course), and can edit it through the iPhone if necessary as well.  What a useful tool!

I tell all my clients that have important data (and who doesn’t have important data) to have at least 1 backup of said data. Most people want to keep this backup current, but they lack the time to do so. A lot of backup programs require the user to start the backup process manually, make certain a drive is available and has enough space, and so on. A lot of online backup solutions take most of the frustation from this, but don’t give the value of synchronizing that data to another computer. Dropbox does.

Another useful way of utilizing Dropbox is the web site. Most of us use computers that we cannot install software on, like a work computer. The Dropbox website gives the user another option, the ability to access and upload files via their Dropbox website. The online backup solutions don”t offer that ability. I currently use the free version, which by default gives me 2 GB to do with as I like. If I refer someone to Dropbox (which I’ve done quite a few times), they grant me, and the person I’ve referred ano additional 250 MB as a token of thanks. If you think you might get some use out of this tool, click the following link to give me some extra space, and get some space for yourself as well.  Click here!

Thanks for reading.  Here are a few more uses for Dropbox:

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