Google Music Beta explored

I received an invite today for Google music, their free (currently) online music jukebox. It allows the user to upload their music and listen on any internet connected device, including a computer with a web browser and android devices, no iphone/ipod touch app yet.I’m going to document the configuration process and how it looks here:


I like that it takes the metadata from iTunes (my default player) and uploads it, along with the mp3. Play count as well as the rating (in the form of thumbs up or thumbs down).


Google Music Beta screenshot

I wish I was able to tell it what music I wanted it to upload, as it stands, it only uploads the entire iTunes library (I haven’t found any way to adjust what to upload). I know I don’t want to upload my audiobooks or pdf files that are stored in books (I wonder if those go up by default).


It’s quite generous with it’s free songs, I only selected 4 out of the 12+ categories of music that I like, but Google Music supplied me with at least 50 songs. Nice.

But it doesn’t work. This is in Chrome 11.something and the following error comes up:

Google Music Beta error


It works fine in Safari. Interesting irony is interesting. It seems that I’m not alone: according to this link.

edit: I’ve been uploading now for about 10 hours, and it’s gotten 110 songs. That’s with a 2 mb upload stream. I hope that Apple’s cloud solution won’t require an upload of music, but that it scans the library and shares that.

That said, the google solution isn’t a bad one, just missing some important features, and is a bit buggy. We’ll see how it matures.