iPhone and Google Sync, flakiness happens

I got my wife a iPhone 4 a few weeks ago, and for the most part it”s been great. We both use the free Google service to keep track of our calendars and email, and now we can look at each others calendars on the iPhone.  Makes planning stuff with all the kids activities much easier.  You can read more about doing that here.  But a problem popped up.

In the iPhones contacts, you can set certain contacts to be favorites, like a speed dial on a normal phone.  Hers acted weird.  The first contact on the screen worked fine, and dialed the correct contact. The second contact, no matter what it is, attempts to dial, blinks the screen like it”s about to dial, then goes back to the favorites screen. The third contact dials the second contact, the fourth contact dials the third contact, and so forth. Really weird behavior.

I tried unlinking the Google account, which deleted all the contacts on the phone that were syncing with her Google account, and that didn”t work.  I deleted the contacts that were saved on the phone that hadn”t been synced to the Google account, that didn”t work either. Finally, the last resort was to restore the phone to the original base image, and redo the Google account settings.  That did the trick. No more favorites flakiness, and the phone is performing fine.

Just a heads-up, nothing is ever as easy as it should be, even on the iPhone.