Ooma Setup

I opened the box, read the directions (gasp), it says to go to http://ooma.com/activate to activate the telo.  I do so, and go through the prompts and select a new telephone number.  I choose a number with a location close enough to me, and sign up for the 3 months of free premiere service. I plug-in to network (behind the router) plug-in to phone, power on.  Lights come on, and the Ooma logo flashes red for about 1 minute, enough to freak me out.  Then I read in the directions that it’s supposed to do this as it’s booting.  Sure enough, it changes to blue after a minute.  All the lights stay on for about 5 minutes, presumably to allow the ooma to update it’s firmware. Funny enough, when you take the phone off the hook (assuming you’ve plugged it into the Telo), it will give you a little song (I suppose the Ooma theme?), and a dial tone.  You can dial all you want, but the line never wakes up to start ringing. The lights finally go off, and bottom row is scrolling.  The ooma light is flashing red, and lights 1 and 2 come on.  Then the rest of the lights come on (this is a reboot, I assume) And the first call is a success.  The other end heard me very well, said the signal broke up maybe 2 times (during a three minute call), but not enough that he couldn’t understand me.  About 30 minutes after the initial call, there was a call to the Ooma from Ooma, but I missed it.  Then I picked up the line, and pushed the button for voicemail, and it gave me the welcome message from Ooma.  Very nice of them, and it sounded great. Now to figure out how long to test this before porting my land line.  Also, need to find out whether it will work with my current alarm system.