Freedom Scientific’s Jaws and GotoMyPc

Freedom Scientific publishes software that reads the contents of a screen to blind people, called Jaws.  It’s been around for some time now, currently on version 11. The customer brought me the machine for a few different reasons, but after I had it for some time, it started giving me a blue screen of death.  This is vista 32, by the way.  After installing Windows Debugging tools from Microsoft, I saw the error was starting at fsvidmir.dll.  This is a driver from Freedom Scientific, which brings up a mirror display.

Searching and searching didn’t come up with anything, other than to remove and reinstall.  Instead, I called their tech support, whose first question was “Do you have any other screen sharing software installed, like Logmein or GoToMyPC?” Actually, yes it does.  GoToMyPc was installed on the machine. After removing that, no more blue screens.  Apparently, Jaws is very particular about what software it will play nice with.  Just a heads-up for anyone else out there with similar issues.  Good luck!