How easy is it to get spyware? Very!

I spoke with a client the other day, who had purchased himself a new laptop about a week prior.  He asked me for antivirus/antispyware advice, as he had gotten a scare from malware. A note about this individual; he’s very detail oriented.  He went to get a replacement background for his desktop and hit a website that offered backgrounds, and apparently extras.  His antivirus (this particular software I’m not a fan of, but I have to say it did a good job) screamed that he had downloaded some malware, and to click such and such button to remove it.  This antivirus software was unable to remove it, and he was in a quandry.  He did some investigating and downloaded MalwareBytes, which removed the yucky. After hearing the story, I urged him to purchase the full suite of software, which will also monitor the workstation in the background while he”s working, and upgrade to another antivirus software. The reason I bring this up, is to illustrate how easy it is to get something nasty on your machine.  Something so simple as downloading a wallpaper from a questionable site, by an individual who pays a lot of attention, but didn’t know what to look for, also put his machine (and his wallet) at great risk. By the way, I get my wallpapers from DeviantArt, Flickr, and VladStudio.Here”s a good site for help on keeping your computer safe @ GeeksToGo